Honda's Commitment to "Safety for Everyone"

Everyone deserves to feel safe on the road. Here are Crown Honda Greensboro, we believe in “Safety for Everyone,” which means we’re committed to protecting our customers and everyone sharing the road. Almost 40,000 lives are lost each year due to motor vehicle crashes, and those collisions affect more than those directly involved. Friends, family members, loved ones, and many others also impacted what happens when you’re on the road. That’s why Honda engineers develop Honda vehicles to protect our customers in various collision scenarios, providing both active and passive safety features.

In August, Honda announced the development of a new passenger front airbag. The new design was developed to better protect passengers involved in frontal car accidents, including angled collisions. 

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Lateral collision can cause an occupant's head to over-rotate or slide off the airbag, which increases the chance of serious injury. The new airbag system works similar to a catcher’s mitt to cradle and protect the head, lessening the chance of injury. This new technology will be part of new products released starting in 2020.  

Our passion for safety is not limited to everyone who gets into one of our vehicles. Honda’s goal of to create a “zero-collision society” includes everyone who shares the road with a Honda vehicle, from other drivers, to bicyclists, to pedestrians. We know when you prevent a collision, you’re not just protecting the lives of the people on the road. You’re protecting the lives of everyone who cares about them. That’s why we also developed the HondaLink® Assist. This new system is designed to attempt to notify an emergency operator when the airbag deployment sensor is triggered by a crash. Using a cellular connection, this feature will report the car's current location and allow you to talk directly to the operator, making it easier than ever to request emergency services. Saved time means saved lives.

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