Winter Driving Made Simple!



For those of us who were in the Deep South or mid-Atlantic and northeast regions of the nation this past December around December 8th, 2017, most of us experienced the extreme winter effects of the Winter Storm Benji that made landfall December 7th and made the biggest impact on the south December 9th and early December 10th. This winter storm closed government offices and schools and even sent cars sliding all over the road in the Greensboro and Durham North Carolina areas specifically. For most this storm was no joke and most were honestly not prepared for anything more than the average snowfall that cities across the nation normally experience around this time. Here are a few ways to make the next time you’re faced with driving in these harsh winter conditions you are able to handle it like the professional that you are!



Windows first, make Sure They’re Clear.

As we all know, you can’t get anywhere too far without being able to see clearly out of all of your car windows. Before taking off onto the winter roads always make sure you take the time to clean off your car. Walk outside and your car is covered in snow? No problem. While being in the south it may be more of a once a year usage, but it doesn’t hurt investing into a snow brush to clean off your car windows. But, if not already hand, before moving any inches, made sure you take the time to manually push off the snow obstructing your read and front windows visions.


Drive Slower and More Cautious than Normal

We all more than likely all have a lot going on during this season, requiring maybe sometime rushing, being under pressure or just plain disheveled, extreme winter driving is never the time to drive recklessly. Always remember when getting on the road the speed limits are set for dry and normal conditions. With that being said, make sure to utilize reduced traveling speeds and increase your following distances from other drivers. As everything takes longer in the snow and ice covered roads so give yourself time to maneuver during these conditions.



Know the Status of Your Vehicle

You should always know the status of your vehicle, but for sure, before getting on the road in far than less than perfect conditions make sure you are aware of your vehicles current status. Meaning ask yourself, has my brake pads been inspected and changed lately? How’s my tires. As with icy or snow conditions you are even more than likely to face danger, your vehicle has to be in the best of shapes to take whatever conditions this winter may bring.



Not sure of your current vehicle’s status? Stop by your trusted service team at Crown Honda of Greensboro to schedule your next service checkup or click here. 

Of course these are just some of the tips to help keep you safe during this winter’s driving but as always, if you don’t have anywhere that you have to be, it is best to just stay put during extremely hazardous winter conditions.

Stay safe this winter and happy holidays! 

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